Cats and kittens for adoption:
The Cats and kittens up for adoption listed below are directly through Cork Cat Action are marked by * * * *
Adoption notes for when you get your new kitten or cat 

Cats and kittens up for adoption 

September 2013 update

We do have cats and kittens looking for homes however we are just so busy at present to get the time to put up pictures and biographies of them up on the website. If you are interested in adopting a kitten or two or a cat or two please ring or text ann at 086 82 81 461 or ellen at 086 86 77 244 after 12 noon. (no blocked number please. thank you)


This is lucky and she is up for adoption.

As you can see she is a real black beauty.

She is neutered.

If you are interested in her please contact Margaret at 087 288 79 88







Please note :Disclaimer: These cats are not under the care of cork cat action trust so if you have any issues with the adoption you will have to deal directly with the person named above.



Everyone who adopts a cat or kitten from Cork Cat Action Trust signs an adoption form undertaking to get the

 cat or  kitten neutered and vaccinated. In most cases this is already done, provided the cat or kitten is old


If you haven't got an adoption form you didn't get your cat or kitten from Cork Cat Action Trust.

We always carry out home checks and/or deliver the kitten or cat to the new owners, and we always ask for an

adoption fee based on whether the cat or kitten has already been

neutered and/or vaccinated.  

This is always less than the normal cost of these procedures.

While Cat Action Trust makes a substantial effort to ensure that the cats and kittens are in good health. It is possible that undetectable conditions may be present therefore we cannot make an absolute guarantee as to perfect health of each cat and kitten. Of those cats that have a condition of which we have veterinary diagnosis you will be told.
All kittens and cats have to be given indoor accommodation especially after dark.
One other condition is that any kittens which are not neutered when they are adopted have to be neutered when they reach the appropriate age As with any neutering do ring different vets to get a price and if you need advise do email us at
All kittens/cats adopted directly from CAT come with  and come with an adoption form and vaccination cert., where applicable. The adoption form acts as a record of the adoption.

All Cat Action Trust cats and kittens are marked with * * * * *
The remaining cats and kittens up for adoption, ( without * * * * ) are other peoples' cats and kittens that need homes. When you do adopt these, please keep all contact details to hand in case you need to revisit the adoption. These people are not with CCAT but we are happy to place their requests for homes on our adoption page.
While we do not charge for adopting a cat or kitten we do ask for a donation.
For example if a kitten or cat has been vaccinated and or neutered we do ask in order to
cover the veterinary costs as without funding we will not be able to continue.
Likewise if a kitten has not been vaccinated or neutered when adopted we do ask for a small donation so that we can rescue another cat or kitten.

Adoption notes for when you get your new kitten or cat

Frequently Asked Questions

Ten things Your Cat would want you to remember

Semi Feral Cat Adoption

SEMI-FERAL CATS: These kittens and cats are not displayed on this page at present.
Some cats that we receive are just not as tame as those that have been socialized as kittens. This means that they are not lap cats but still can be very grateful to anyone who wishes to give them a safe and loving home or farm for example.
These cats are just quiet and shy and need a more secure household with which to live. 
If you could give a place to cats that are semi feral then we would be happy to talk to you. 
These cats are special.
They require a secure place where they are loved, fed and cared for and are suited to an outside life with a safe place to sleep at night. 
In fact a number of these cats have been settled into life in work places and farmyards where they have freedom and also get fed properly and are warm and secure. 
They are very happy to repay by hunting mice and rats and as one knows a well cared for and well fed cat is a great hunter.
Two major requirements are that the cats are fed proper cat food and that when they first arrive they are kept in a secure shed barn or room for a minimum of a month or three weeks or so as they have to get used to their new place and new people.
If you would like to adopt a semi feral cat or cats, please phone Ann at 086 82 81 461 or Ellen, at 086 86 77 244 , after 11am, or email
Please do not ring on a blocked number(s).

An example is in the few long term lodgers that we have (see Skipppy's and other cats stories).

Please consider supporting those cats in our care who have not been adopted. All our funds go directly towards the welfare of the cats.  

If you would like to ask about kittens to adopt, please phone or text Ann at 086 8281461 or
Ellen at 086 8677244, after 11am. 
For security reasons blocked or private numbers are not usually answered. 
To unblock a landline please put 142 before dialling the phone number.

Cork Cat Action Trust registered charity number C.H.Y. 18345


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